Is Flippa Legit? My Personal Experiences with 3 Common Flippa Scams and Warning Signs


Is flippa legit? Mushfiq Sarker Since 2010, I’ve been an active buyer and seller on Flippa, completing over 152 transactions there. Early on, the majority of my transactions have been rather minor ones; nonetheless, the more the magnitude of the transaction, the greater the associated danger. As a result of my experience, I am now aware of the many cons and warning signs that can be found on Flippa.

Is flippa legit? Since its inception as a marketplace, Flippa has gone a long way since those early days. When they first started, there were more cons, but now that they’ve made changes, most of those cons are impossible to pull off.

Is flippa legit? In this article, I will discuss the Flippa frauds that are now the most prevalent on the platform.

Empire Flippers

The Most Highly Recommended Broker Empire Flippers is the industry’s premier website broker, assisting individuals in the buying and selling of online companies for a healthy multiple. Is flippa legit? This includes eCommerce companies, content websites, SaaS businesses, and Amazon FBA warehouses.

Is Flippa Legit? Is Flippa a Scam (in general)? No!

Flippa is not a fraudulent business, no.

Flippa is an online marketplace similar to eBay in which business owners may post advertisements to sell their companies. On the page that lists items for sale, sellers are permitted to include a variety of information, including revenues, expenses, descriptions, and more.

While Flippa undertakes some basic screening (such as verifying the owner of the domain, including screenshots of the site, and providing a profit and loss statement), they do not perform due diligence (such as verifying profits or the quality of backlinks) on all sites.

Only listings with a price tag higher than $50,000 are eligible for the thorough research and analysis that would be performed by a conventional brokerage. Under a price threshold of $50,000, Flippa will run an automatic procedure to confirm the data (such as Google Analytics and Seller verification) is correct.

Flippa, in general, offers users the chance to get incredible discounts, provided that they have a good idea of what it is that they are searching for.

Is flippa legit? Scams and warning signs that are prevalent on Flippa in the year 2022

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due diligence on businesses for sale on Flippa needs extra measures.

When working with other brokers such as Motion Invest Empire Flippers or our very own brokerage, The Website Flip, we conduct due diligence on the offers, which includes analyzing the profit and loss statements, backlinks, and domain history of the websites in question.

On the other hand, as a customer, you should ALWAYS perform your own research before making a purchase. Never put your faith in a broker since they are always on the side of the seller and are getting paid to make the sale happen.

Because there is no one there to display the information in an easy-to-understand manner or to screen out the fraudulent listings, using Flippa requires you to be aware of what to watch out for.

Fake Revenue Screenshots

Is flippa legit? Fake screenshots are the most typical kind of online fraud. Flippa does not conduct quality assurance checks on the screenshots that are attached to listings that are priced under $50,000. They do validate screenshots for postings that are over fifty thousand dollars (a huge plus).

The majority of the content sites listed on Flippa generate revenue through affiliate programs, display advertising networks like Ezoic and Mediavine, or Amazon Associates.

You may alter the HTML of the page that displays your affiliate earnings by loading the page in Google Chrome (or any other browser) and then editing the HTML. This is a write-up that explains how to complete that task. Take a look at the screenshot below for an example of an Amazon Associates account for a certain month

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