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Are you selling your website? Or are you looking for websites for sell? If the answer is yes to either of these questions, you’ve come to the right blog post! In this article, we’ll be discussing the best platforms on the internet where you can buy and sell websites.

We’ll also provide tips on how to find a good website for sale. So whether you’re buying or selling, make sure to read on!

The Best Platforms to Buy and Sell Websites

Websites for Sell

There’s no doubt that buying and selling websites online is a growing industry. And with the right platforms, it can be a very profitable venture. Make sure to use caution when dealing with strangers online—there’s always the risk of fraud or scamming involved.

Some of the most popular platforms for buying and selling websites include Flippa, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist. It’s important to choose the right one for you, as there are a number of different platforms available. Do your research and find the one that best suits your needs. Then, get listing!


If you’re looking to buy or sell a website, Flippa is definitely the place to go.

A user-friendly marketplace for buying and selling businesses, Flippa provides thorough details of each one. It offers a wide variety of business models for sale, from start-ups to struggling companies.

This corporation is less hands-on when buying a site and demands better due diligence from buyers. They offer a platform where buyers and sellers can communicate rather than serving as online business brokers like FEI or Empire Flippers.

You’ll learn that websites may be bought for between $1 and $1 million, albeit stats and other data might not have been well examined. When you make a purchase on Flippa, you are in charge of setting up the transfer of money and assets.

It can also serve as a jumping-off point for future investigation into alternative business buying and selling platforms. Millions of people visit Flippa each month, one of the most well-liked online marketplaces for buying and selling businesses.,, 247FormsBuilder, Ladyfashes (online store), eBusiness Boss,,, and are a few examples of online businesses on Flippa that have been “confirmed listings.”

Empire Flippers

Selling or buying a website can be a daunting task, but not with Empire Flippers.

One of the best online marketplaces for buying and selling businesses is Empire Flippers. It makes it simple for you to identify the ideal business for your needs thanks to its extensive database of companies for sale from across the globe.

It eases the transaction process by personally vetting both buyers and sellers. Businesses are featured on the website’s home page in accordance with their monetization methods, market segments, monthly net income, and expected prices.

On behalf of sellers, Empire Flippers promotes listings to thousands of potential investors in an effort to find the highest bidder.

Additionally, it negotiates on your behalf to draft contracts for businesses that are advantageous to both sides.


MicroAcquire is a great place to find online businesses for sale.

Using MicroAcquire, startups can locate buyers. Just like that. In just 30 days, we’ll provide complimentary assistance to help you initiate conversations that result in an acquisition.

Use this hassle-free startup marketplace to transact without middlemen. As its name implies, MicroAcquire concentrates on early-stage startups rather than market leaders, more specifically companies with $500,000 ARR or less. Business models including SaaS, e-commerce, affiliate, and display ads are common.

The founder, Andrew Gazdecki, is aware that the process of selling a firm is frequently challenging and protracted. full of questionable strategies and dead ends.

MicroAcquire does the background checks up front and cuts through the red tape without charging any fees or commissions so you can conclude deals in 30 days or less. Because they’re willing to undertake all the tedious work, it’s swiftly gaining appeal among new merchants.

FE International

If you’re looking to buy or sell a website, then the best place to start is with FE International.

Through this market, you have quick access to reputable, pre-qualified investors.

You can also select from the current ads, which include details like annual revenue, net profit, and asking price. Additionally, it warns you of “under offer” listings so you may avoid researching businesses that might be sold the next day. Additionally, it allows you to scan the benefits of buying a particular company rapidly utilizing bullet points.


Exchange or Shopify Exchange is the ideal location for you if you’re looking to purchase a business. It’s a fantastic resource for finding business listings, and you can filter the listings by categories like industry, size, location, etc.

Location, business kind, industry type, and sales channel are just a few of the categories for business listings. Another option is to only look through already-established firms.

You will find nicely listed web businesses on the first page. You can view information like the monthly average of revenue and profit without clicking on it. Furthermore, if it’s an online store, the inventory value is also represented.

Motion Invest

There’s no doubt that online commerce has evolved into an essential part of the business world. And one of the most popular methods used to conduct transactions is through buying and selling websites.

Motion Invest often makes startup acquisition deals that are priced at $20,000 or less. Before being placed on the market for sale, either by the third-party owner or by Motion Invest, each site is reviewed by knowledgeable and enthusiastic flippers. Motion Invest gives vendors a guaranteed sale from a happy buyer if you’re looking for a quick deal.

No matter how they were created, all listings must be profitable. Each month, sales, Ezoic, Adsense, and display ads frequently generate $500 to $5,000. Alternatively stated, tested but prepared for development. Sale prices are fair, and key metrics are transparently stated.


We have just what you need if you own an EU website or know someone who does and is seeking for a simple solution to sell it online. A new marketplace service called Fortunebrokers lets vendors list their websites for sale without charging any fees! They’re here to improve your quality of life and financial success.

The marketplace was created with investors in mind, so it should make it simpler for you to invest in European websites if you’re looking for a new investment option. Check out the listings right away if established European websites with income interest you or if you wish to diversify your portfolio.


Looking for a place to find websites for sale or buy online businesses? SideProjectors is the perfect destination!

You can tell just by looking at the name that this is a location where you can obtain side projects in addition to websites to purchase and sell.

People can buy and sell their website, mobile app, desktop application, gear, and much more on Side Projectors. In the event that you believe another person’s input is necessary to transform an excellent internet business into a great one, you might also discover a co-founder here.


You may purchase or sell domains on Sedo. We are all aware of the potential value of domain names. As the demand for a name rises, a domain name that you may have previously purchased for a dirt cheap price may treble or quadruple in value.

It all comes down to having the vision and imagination to recognize the potential that any name may hold. The auction is one of the best features of purchasing or selling domains on Sedo.

Digital Point Forum

 The digital point is the place to buy and sell anything digital, including sites and domains. Any form of website can use Digital Point, and there is a special forum only for domain names.

You don’t pay a commission when you buy, sell, or list a website, which explains in large part why you’ll have to sift through ineffective listings. All you have to do to purchase or sell is create a Digital Point account and use the forum.


For smaller, newer sites, it can be a decent choice. The larger offers are found on websites like Empire Flippers, but Freemarket has a ton of lesser deals.

You can list any kind of website on Freemarket, along with standalone domain names.

A basic listing can be submitted for free on Freemarket. Alternatively, you can pay $30 to make your listing featured or $25 to make it private.

You will also be charged a flat 5% commission if your listing sells.

You must sign up for a account in order to create a listing or place a bid on a website.

Members-only marketplace Investors Club works harder to benefit buyers and vendors. No need to give sleazy brokers outrageous fees. With them, you can sell your website and make a healthy profit. They treat buyers and sellers with the utmost respect.

They use Escrow so you are completely safe, unlike other markets where there is a high risk of being scammed.


EBay is the world’s biggest online marketplace for buying and selling websites.

Without eBay, no buying and selling list is complete. Only a select few have found out that there are many fantastic discounts here as far as online businesses are concerned, even though most people know it as a place where you can buy and sell clothes, makeup, technological devices, toys, and much more.

Try searching for “websites” on eBay to find a big list of internet businesses you can purchase for a discount. Yes, it’s possible that you won’t have a broker helping you with the procedure. However, if you make wise decisions and choices, you can wind up getting the deal of a lifetime.

Buying and Selling Tips

There’s no doubt that the online market is booming, and the buying and selling of websites are no exception. When buying or selling a website, it’s important to know the guidelines and regulations set forth by each country.

Additionally, make sure you’re aware of the differences between a website and an online store – a website is just for marketing purposes while an online store sells products. If you’re looking to buy or sell a website, reach out to a webmaster expert for guidance. They can help you understand the market and find the best buyer or seller for your site.

the event that you do decide to sell or transfer your website, always have copies of all contracts and licenses involved in owning your site. Finally, make sure to have high traffic and a good online presence – these are the two key elements that will help you sell your website for the best price.

How to Find a Good Website for Sale

Selling a website can be a daunting task, but it’s not impossible. By following these simple tips, you can easily find a website that meets your needs and is available for sale.

Take a look at the site’s features – important factors to consider include price, domain name availability, and traffic numbers. Also, be sure to get an accurate estimate of the upfront investment you’ll need to make in order to purchase the site – this can often be done through escrow services or third-party vendors.

Once you’ve found a website that you’re interested in, contact the seller directly to learn more about their process and ask any questions you may have. Buying a website can be a great way to update and refresh your online presence, so make sure to explore all the options available before making a decision.


Selling websites can be a lucrative business, but it’s important to do it the right way. To find the best platforms to buy and sell websites, or any other online business, check out the websites listed in the sub-heading.

Additionally, read the buying and selling tips to get started. Once you have a few websites that you are interested in selling, follow the tips listed in the blog to get started. Feel free to share this blog with your friends to help them get started with selling online too!

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